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Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity

Today, Habitat for Humanity's homes are more than shelter for low income families. Habitat for Humanity/Tucson teamed up with the Arizona Masonry Guild to pilot a "green build" program. This new breed of homes are earth-friendly, using ecologically responsible building methods, resulting in homes that are both healthier for the environment and those who live in them.
Building a Habitat for Humanity home using masonry products.
The original pilot program began in September of 2000, when members of the Arizona Masonry Guild donated both materials and labor for the construction of masonry homes at Balboa Casitas, a Habitat subdivision in Tucson, Arizona . It is the hope of the Arizona Masonry Guild that this pilot program will help lead the way for other Habitat chapters to turn to "green build" concepts.

"Green build" concepts incorporate a number of important earth-friendly building guidelines to make a better home. Masonry products play a significant role in "green build" concepts because they are natural products that do not deplete limited precious resources like timber. Other than helping to save our forests, masonry also contributes to a healthier home for its inhabitants. Masonry helps to make homes allergy resistant by creating near air-tight homes. Homes built with masonry are also quieter and help reduce or eliminate the build up of mold and fungus between interior and exterior walls. Mold, mildew and fungus problems result in an unhealthy home. Studies show that these problems contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome, throat infections and can worsen asthma conditions.

According to Habitat, aside from the "green build" benefits, masonry was selected because it is superior to lumber, it is a more efficient barrier against weather, energy efficient, fire and termite resistant and is virtually maintenance free. It will make these homes more affordable to operate, an important attribute for the low income families that will own these homes.

Arizona Masonry Guild Executive Director, Joan Borter says, "We have been devoting financial and human resources to community projects for years. The Guild is particularly delighted to work with Habitat and its great corps of volunteers."

Habitat For Humanity Tucson is dedicated to eliminating poverty housing in the greater Tucson area. Founded in 1980, Habitat Tucson has built 150 homes. Arizona's average income ranks as one of the lowest in the country, yet the population is one of the fastest growing. Over 34,000 Tucson families spend more than 50% of their income on a place to live, and often live in substandard housing. The masonry homes built by Habitat in Tucson are 1,200 square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms complete with heat pumps. Each house meets or exceeds county and city building codes.


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